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What is redesign?

Do you have furnishings, artwork and treasures that you adore, but are still unhappy with the overall look and feel of your space? Maybe it’s time for a design refresh! Our interior redesign service repurposes your existing furniture and restyles your favorite decor pieces to create the look and feel you desire. The process is simple:

• Define your vision for the look of the room
• Determine which pieces should stay or go 
• Rearrange & restyle the space for optimal flow 
• Add some new accessories and pieces to make your vision a reality (optional)

We can transform the look, feel and flow of your living space. Our goal is to make you fall in love with your home all over again, and make your rooms come together in a way you never imagined was possible.


With our One Day Decorating service, we add in the optional component of shopping for a few new pieces to take your vision to the next level, working within your budget and your vision.